SP8: System Integration

The realization of efficient demonstration systems constitutes a very important working objective for the research and development activities in SmartWeb. Therefore, a large number of part components that are designed and developed by different working groups located in different places, then have to be joined together to a fully functioning overall system. Because of the inherent complexity of the aspired demonstration system, its realization forms an especially demanding task. This, in turn, is highly demanding when the planning and coordinating both have to be thorough and well coordinated. In various preceding projects the establishment of a dedicated system integration group that centrally coordinates the system development and integration, has proved a suitable solution concept. This will also relieve the various research groups of many technical and organizational details so that they will be able to concentrate more closely on the scientific questions.

In order to be able to face the high degree of uncertainty with regard to the keeping of deadlines, specifications and planned application of resources during the conducting of research work, a flexible and professional software engineering is indispensable. The methods that are to be utilized have to cope with both the distributed project structure and the software development and also have to appropriately support the integration of very heterogeneous part components. Besides the creation of appropriate technical requirements, a high degree of communication and interaction of the members involved is necessary which can only be achieved through a central local and organizational bundling of tasks. The early establishment and keeping of project-wide set standards is an important premise for the successful integration of the subsystems. This task area stretches from software technique related questions to an appropriate infrastructure with regard to the documentation that has to be written. The development of an appropriate infrastructure and adequate tools is supposed to simplify the developmental work of the project partners and will ensure that the set standards will be kept.

One of the central tasks in this Subproject is the design of a detailed overall architecture that brings together the different detailed conceptions in a coherent way. This comprises especially the support and control of arrangements with regard to interfaces. A close teamwork between all project partners here as well is absolutely indispensable.

The Subproject behooves the preparation and implementation of the overall integration of the application system and it provides the therefore necessary integration frame that integrates the basic software infrastructure into an integration platform enhanced with additional tools.

Work Package 8 functions within the project as service provider and delivers both the bundled infrastructure and the software-technical added value that is necessary for bringing together the functional part components. A close coordination with all project partners is therefore decisive. Especially the preparation of the SmartWeb integration as well as the determination and control of dates has to be done in close cooperation with Subproject 10 (Project Management).

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