Subproject 6: Web Services and Integration of Semantic Web Resources

This Subproject comprises the control of the in Work Package 5.1 and 5.2 described search and extraction services alongside of the integration of semantic web resources.

The control of these search and extraction services comprises the definition of a web-service-based control component that is responsible for the efficient interaction with both the already existing QA system and the knowledge base. Further interaction is conducted with the dialogue component (Subproject 2 and Subproject 3) whereby a semantic representation of the user request will be established with the help of the ontology infrastructure.

The tools developed in Subproject 5 are supposed to be accessed with the help of standard-web-service-protocols (like XML-RPC or SOAP). Therefore, the tools have to be developed so that they can be accessed via these protocols and can be used as search engines, extraction services, and ontology services.

Work Package 6.2 Integration of Semantic Web Resources deals with the application of already existing semantic web resources like for example semantically annotated (multimedia) web pages (RDF/S. OWL, MPEG-7) and services (OWL-S, WSDL). Furthermore, fact and data bases available on the Internet will be included as far as an ontological funding is available.

It is also planned to use a manually compiled set of such semantically annotated web resources in an evaluation experiment with highly precise user demands. To this end, a test set (within the frame of the 2006 FIFA World Cup demonstrator) will be manually compiled and implemented within this Work Package.

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