SP10: Project Management, Documentation, and Presentation

In Subproject Project Management procedures concerning the whole project are handled, the scientific work is coordinated, guidelines for the collaboration and the exchange of information are elaborated, and also the coordination with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the members of the project executing organization is realized. The aims are to secure a smooth development of the whole project, to achieve project objectives and to present the achieved results to the public.

The tasks in this Subproject Project Management include management activities (coordination, organization, external representation). The scientific management and the SmartWeb steering committee will give recommendations to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with regard to requests concerning the changing of network plans.

Members of Subproject 10 Project Management are available as contact persons for upcoming problems in the collaboration of project partners. The keeping of deadlines for the integration of SmartWeb systems will be controlled an ensured through the collaboration with SP 8 System Integration.

Subproject 10 Project Management provides various central services. The scope of services includes among other things:

External representation and public relations:

  • Communication with print media, TV and radio
  • Presentation on fairs (e.g., CeBIT)
  • Organization of press conferences
  • Archiving and provision of available press releases
  • Handling of general enquiries (press, economy, politics)

Provision of information material about SmartWeb:

  • Info folders, video clips
  • Archiving and provision of SmartWeb documents (reports, memos, tech-docs)

Provision of a communicational infrastructure:

  • Address lists
  • Mail-aliases
  • Calendar with dates of SmartWeb meetings
  • Maintenance of the SmartWeb ftp-server
  • Enlargement and maintenance of the SmartWeb WWW-Server (intranet and extranet)
  • Compilation and distribution of the SmartWeb handbook
  • Updating of the SmartWeb network plans

Organization of the annual project steering meeting:

  • Presentation of the current SmartWeb system during assessments
  • Documentation of the project steering meetings
  • Preparation of the SmartWeb steering committee meetings

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